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Hello World

Occasionally I sit behind a computer, which lack certain advanced tools. Here I was dependent on third-party
websites offering such tools online. These were not always available or slow.

Using open source tools, I have made these publicly available on my website.
You are free to use them, but do not abuse it.

About mkfs

In computer operating systems, mkfs is a command used to format a block storage device with a specific
filesystem. The command is part of UNIX and UNIX-like operating systems. In UNIX, a block storage device
must be formatted with a file system before it can be mounted and accessed through the operating system's
filesystem hierarchy.

Source: Wikipedia


The command was originally implemented in the first version of UNIX as a method to initialize either a DECtape

(using the "t" argument) or an RK03 disk pack (using the "r" argument). The initialization process would write
formatting data to the device so that it contained an empty file system. It created the super-block, i-list,
and free list on the storage device and established the root directory with entries for "." and ".." (self and
parent, respectively). The RK03 disk packs had 4872 available blocks after initialization, while the tapes had
578 blocks (at 512 bytes/block). The mkfs executable was kept in the /etc directory instead of a binary
directory so it would not be inadvertently called and destroy information.


The first manual page

The first mkfs manual page written by Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie (creators of the Unix operating system):